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Admins, help with this item

Hi, seeing you are the Administrator of this Wiki, I thought I should talk to you about this. I was browsing through this Wiki today, December 18th, 2005, and noticed a user called "MusaPuk" that had done lots and lots of contribution to the wiki - so I thought... I went to check what he changed/added (using the compare feature in the history page), but instead saw that he/she had filled the Wiki with lots of adresses that link to some obscene material or to commercial pharmaceutical sites. A few examples are the CSA&CS page, Wiki and Neurology that were edited by him on the 17th or 18th (today). I noticed he/she also adds some inconspicuous Summaries (like "Wiki bus tours", "Currenly available Video Titles" and "References") to make his/her actions look more unsuspicious. This is very inappropriate for this wiki and I request that you consider what he/she did and take appropriate measures. Kind regards, SteveK