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Manchester (man-chest-er)

Manchester (pronounced /ˈmanˌtʃɛstər/) is a city in the United Kingdom, specifically in the English region of North West England. While not a medical term per se, Manchester has significant relevance in the field of medicine due to its rich history of medical research and healthcare institutions.


The name "Manchester" originates from the Latin name 'Mamucium' or its variant 'Mancunium' and the citizens are still referred to as Mancunians. This name is generally thought to represent a Latinisation of an original Brittonic name.

Medical Relevance

Manchester is home to several notable medical institutions, including the University of Manchester, which has a prestigious medical school known for its research in various fields of medicine. The city also hosts the Manchester Royal Infirmary, a large teaching hospital that provides a wide range of medical services.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England. The university's Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health conducts extensive research in various medical fields, including oncology, cardiology, and neuroscience. The faculty also offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, nursing, and other health-related disciplines.

Manchester Royal Infirmary

The Manchester Royal Infirmary is a hospital in Manchester, England, founded by Charles White in 1752. It is now part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, providing a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, and specialist clinics.

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