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Federal district

A Federal district is a type of administrative division of a federation, usually under the direct control of the federal government. Federal districts often include capital cities, and are known for having different systems of government from the rest of the federation.


  • Fed·er·al dis·trict
  • /ˈfɛdərəl ˈdɪstrɪkt/


The term "Federal district" originates from the Latin federare, meaning "to join", and the Old French district, meaning "area of jurisdiction". It was first used in this context in the United States with the creation of the District of Columbia in 1790.

Related terms

  • Federation: A group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
  • Administrative division: A portion of a country or empire with a status in public law.
  • Capital city: The city or town that functions as the seat of government and administrative centre of a country or region.
  • Government: The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state.

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