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Kohlrabi has a delicate turnip-like flavor and can be cooked in the same ways as turnips.

Interesting facts about Kohlrabi

  • Are you aware that kohlrabi looks like a turnip?
  • Are you aware that the name kohlrabi is a German word meaning cabbage-turnip?
  • Are you aware that the bulb of the kohlrabi can be pale green or purple? (The purple variety has a little stronger flavor.)
  • Are you aware that kohlrabi has leaves at the top of the bulb?
Kohlrabi dish
Kohlrabi dish
  • Are you aware that the kohlrabi leaves can be cooked like collard greens?
  • Are you aware that the flesh of kohlrabi is white?
  • Are you aware that kohlrabi tastes like a mixture of cucumber and mild broccoli?
  • Are you aware that kohlrabi is rich in Vitamin C? (A half of a medium kohlrabi contains 90% of your recommended daily value. Vitamin C is needed by the body to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels, and aids in the absorption of iron.)
  • Are you aware that kohlrabi can be eaten raw? (Eat raw with dip or add to salads.)
Georgian Kohlrabi
Georgian Kohlrabi
  • Are you aware that you can cook kohlrabi? (It has a mild flavor when cooked and is delicious with various herbs and spices.)
  • Are you aware that if boiling or steaming kohlrabi you should cook it whole with the skin? (Peel it after cooking, the skin comes off easily. This procedure will also retain the nutrients and flavor.)
  • Are you aware that there are baby kohlrabis? (These are sweet and crispy.)

Nutritional information on Kohlrabi

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