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Parts of the flowering plant have been used in some cultures to treat certain medical problems. It may have anticancer effects. The scientific name is Nasturtium officinale. Also called Indian cress.

  • Are you aware that watercress is a member of the mustard family?
  • Are you aware that watercress has long stems and small round leaves?
  • Are you aware that watercress has dark green leaves?
Stir Fried Watercress
Stir Fried Watercress
  • Are you aware that watercress has a peppery, tangy flavor?
  • Are you aware that the entire watercress plant is edible even the roots?
  • Are you aware that watercress is a semi-aquatic plant? (It grows well in water and very moist soil.)
  • Are you aware that watercress is used in salads and added to sandwiches, dips and cream cheese?
  • Are you aware that watercress can be cooked and is great in soups?
Homemade watercress soup
Homemade watercress soup
  • Are you aware that the Greeks thought watercress improved the brain’s ability to think?
  • Are you aware that since ancient times watercress has been believed to cleanse the body?
  • Are you aware that watercress is very high in vitamin A and C? (Vitamin A is important for cell growth and development, for fighting off diseases and for good vision. Vitamin C is needed by the body to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels, and aids in the absorption of iron.)
  • Are you aware that watercress is a good source of calcium? (Calcium helps keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy.)
  • Are you aware that watercress is also considered an herb?
River Chess watercress beds
River Chess watercress beds
  • Are you aware that a good way to keep watercress fresh is to place roots in a glass of water and store in the refrigerator?

Nutritional information on Watercress

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NB:Carbohydrate, by difference(total carbs-fiber) is also called net carbs


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