Petra Toutanji 1720298359

Provider Petra Toutanji
Gender Female
Specialties Family Practice
Years active 1996 - ??
Work institution Bronson Methodist Hospital
Address Bronson Family Medicine Portage Portage MI 49024
Phone 2693248950
Hospital affiliation(s) Bronson Methodist Hospital
Coordinates 42.212103, -85.62293
Appointments Appointments

Biography - Petra Toutanji

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Petra Toutanji

  • Childhood
  • Early education
  • Medical education / fellowships
    With a total of 26 years of experience, Petra Toutanji is a female family practitioner at Bronson Methodist Hospital, Portage, MI.
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Family medicine physicians, or family practitioners, such as Dr. Petra Toutanji, are general physicians that address health maintenance and assess and treat conditions that occur in everyday life. Some of the conditions diagnosed and treated by Dr. Petra Toutanji, include sinus and respiratory infections, intestinal ailments, and broken bones. Family medicine physicians typically have regular, long-term patients, that often include all members of the same household.

Some of the duties of family medicine physicians such as Dr. Petra Toutanji, include:

  • Take a patient’s medical history and perform a physical exam
  • Document and update charts and patient information to show findings and treatments
  • Order tests and consultations for other physicians or healthcare staff to perform
  • Review test results to identify abnormal findings
  • Recommend, design, and implement a treatment plan
  • Address concerns or answer questions that patients have about their health and well-being
  • Help patients take care of their health by discussing topics such as proper nutrition and hygiene

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