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Established in early 2005, at or about the same time as Wikipedia, our sister project has grown to be one of the most comprehensive medical resources on the internet. With over 2 Million articles and growing covering a wide range of topics, is by far the largest medical and wellness encyclopedia.

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AI meets medicine

Content provider for AI platforms

Medicine GPT and provide human written and physician edited articles, definitions, and summaries on a wide variety of medical, nutrition and wellness topics. The content is intended for patients but can also be useful for healthcare professionals, students.

Quality content

As we work with a wide variety of content creators many with advanced medical degrees and or training, we produce high quality, human written content for AI platforms, websites, apps, or publications.

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Professional writers

With a team of medical writers and editors who are knowledgeable and trained in healthcare fields such as nursing, medicine, or pharmacy, with a strong understanding of medical terminology and concepts.

Up to Date

Our goal of medical content providers is to produce accurate, reliable, and up-to-date medical information that can be used to produce high quality AI platforms or apps. In addition to producing content, we also offer consulting services to help clients develop and execute AI platforms.

GPS coordinate

The goal of the AI systems is not give information on conditions but also localize the information. Since our database has the exact GPS locations, names, and addresses of most of the healthsites of the world, the value this can provide to the users is enormous.

Advanced drill down

Try the advanced drill down that allows you to sort the information using many filters - for example, if you want a cardiologist in San Franscisco, that has over 10 years of experience, went to Harvard Medical School, accepts your insurance and has hobbies of golf, there is no other place you can find it but our drill down potentially can find it. Each field in the database for each of the tables acts as a filter allowing for as narrow or as wide a result.


Since our medical dictionary provides information not only about the medical terminology, but also healthcare facilities (healthsites), pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists and other providers, it can help find providers closest to the person based on what they are interested in.

Customizable content

Let us say a patient is searching about cardiovascular disease, we can not only provide the information about it but also offer the closest hospitals, clinics, doctors and cardiologists that might be useful.

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World directory of healthsites

With information on over a million healthsites, clinics, doctors and other facilities and a comprehensive knowledge base on health and wellness (also see our sister project, we will be able to provide the most accurate and up to date health, nutrition, and wellness information to the AI providers.

Bigger than Wikipedia

In fact, our sister project, WikiMD has more medical content that than wikipedia or other projects in the field of medicine and nutrition.

Contact us

If you are in the business of building an AI platform and need to partner with an organization that provides high quality, physician written articles at very reasonable terms, look no further.

Want to learn more? Please call us today at (718) 946 5500 (US) or email us at Bath2003 @ Gmail Dot com


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