Croatian Medical Journal

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Croatian Medical Journal

The Croatian Medical Journal (Hrvatski medicinski časopis) is a peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes research articles, reviews, and commentaries in the field of medicine. The journal is published in English and Croatian.


  • Croatian: /xř̩ʋaːtskiː měditsiːnskiː tʃâːsopis/
  • English: /kroʊˈeɪʃən ˈmɛdɪkəl ˈdʒɜːrnəl/


The term "Croatian Medical Journal" is a direct translation of the Croatian term "Hrvatski medicinski časopis". "Hrvatski" means "Croatian", "medicinski" means "medical", and "časopis" means "journal".

Related Terms

  • Peer review: The process by which an author's peers, recognized researchers in the field, read and evaluate a paper submitted for publication.
  • Medical journal: A periodical publication intended to communicate the latest research and developments in medicine.
  • Medicine: The science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease.

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