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Provider Abid Yaqub MD
Gender Male
Specialties Endocrinology
Internal Medicine
Years active 1994 - ??
Work institution University of Cincinnati Physicians Company LLC
Address Cincinnati OH 45219
Phone '
Hospital affiliation(s) West Chester Hospital, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Llc, Bethesda North
Coordinates 39.101454, -84.51246
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Biography - Abid Yaqub

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Abid Yaqub

  • Childhood
  • Early education
  • Medical education / fellowships
    With a total of 29 years of experience, Abid Yaqub is a male endocrinologist at University of Cincinnati Physicians Company LLC, Cincinnati, OH.
    Endocrinologists such as Dr. Abid Yaqub, deal with the diagnostic evaluation of a wide variety of symptoms and variations and the long-term management of disorders of deficiency or excess of one or more of the hormones of the human body.

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