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What is Bilberry?

Bilberry could be a relative of the blueberry, and its fruit is usually accustomed create pies and jams.

History of Bilberry

it's been used for nearly 1,000 years in ancient European medication.

Where does Bilberry grow?

Bilberry grows in North America, Europe, and northern Asia.

Medicinal uses of Bilberry

Traditionally, bilberry fruit was accustomed treat symptom, scurvy, and different conditions. Today, the fruit is employed as a folk or ancient remedy for symptom such as cramps, eye issues, unhealthy veins, blood vessel insufficiency or varicose veins (a condition within which the veins don't with efficiency come blood from the legs to the heart), and different circulatory issues. Bilberry leaf is employed for entirely completely different conditions, as well as polygenic disorder.

Bilberry extract

The fruit of the bilberry plant will be devoured or created into extracts. Similarly, the leaves of the bilberry plant will be created into extracts or accustomed create teas

Science of Bilberry

  • Some claim that bilberry fruit improves night-sight, however clinical studies haven't shown this to be true.
  • There is not enough scientific proof to support the utilization of bilberry fruit or leaf for any health conditions.

Side Effects and Cautions of Bilberry

  • Bilberry fruit is taken into account safe once consumed in amounts generally found in foods, or as associate degree extract in counseled doses for transient periods of your time. long safety and aspect effects haven't been extensively studied.
  • High doses or extended use of bilberry leaf or leaf extract area unit thought-about unsafe owing to potential deadly aspect effects.

Adapted from ACCAM's information on Bilberry.

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