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The is a directory site for all things medical including the physicians of the world. The WikiMD's free medical encyclopedia is at, also called WIKIMD WELLNESSPEDIA. For the popular W8MD's weight loss diet please visit weight loss diet

Finding a doctor that accepts your insurance, has experience, with good ratings, and bed side manners, with available appointments and accepting new patients without months of waiting lists is not an easy task. By using the power of technology, including artificial intelligence, wikiMD can help make choosing the doctor easy.

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Amazing facts about human body

  • The human body contains 30 000 billion red blood cells. The human body is estimated to have 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • The human heart beats 30 million times a year.

Sleep facts

  • You have no sense of smell when you're sleeping.
  • You burn more calories while sleeping than you do when watching television.

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For example, you can search for a cardiologist, with at least 10 years of experience, located within 25 mile radius, that speaks your language, takes your insurance and likes let us say golf! In traditional search engines, you have to spend hours to search on each of these keywords, but with wikiMD, you can do it all in one go!

  • Combine this with the unique wisdom and accuracy called social intelligence that can come from a crowd sourced wiki environment, you can answer questions that otherwise are very difficult to answer.
  • You can search things like cardiologists within 50 miles of radius from your zip code, that have 20 year experience with a hobby of golfing!"
  • In other words, WikiMD brings answers to questions you cannot ask Alexa or Siri!. Test the WikiMD's drill down and see it for yourself in the drilldown! You can sort the list using any of the keywords such as medical school, city, state, year of graduation, specialty etc.

List of doctors (US) by state

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List of doctors

Pagename Primary specialty Secondary specialties State City
A Akbar 1144203282 Anesthesiology IL Rockford
A Aminian 1043385289 Neurology CA Beverly Hills
A Aminian 1508080193 Allergy/Immunology CA Fresno
A Bodary 1205885076 Anesthesiology NY Rochester
A Corman 1043247273 Psychiatry MA Arlington
A Fendrick 1013006238 Internal Medicine MI Ann Arbor
A Gabriella Wernicke 1215925847 Radiation Oncology NY New York
A Geri Baum 1356464010 Clinical Social Worker NY Rockville Centre
A Gunnerson 1407081524 Gastroenterology UT St George
A Gwendolyn Noble 1790763670 Ophthalmology IL Elmwood Park
A Jean Tanner 1093173478 Clinical Social Worker KY Louisville
A Joseph Motta 1518968007 Cardiac Surgery Thoracic Surgery Vascular Surgery FL Palm Beach Gardens
A Joseph Pisciotto 1013993971 Family Practice NY Glendale
A Leibman 1144385006 Diagnostic Radiology NY New Rochelle
A Michael Coppa 1114964251 Obstetrics/Gynecology RI Pawtucket