A Michael Samaha 1295773877

Provider A Michael Michael Samaha MD
Gender Male
Specialties Urology
Education Boston University School of Medicine
Years active 1984 - ??
Work institution Wellspan Medical Group
Address Suite 206 York PA 17403
Phone 7177418011
Hospital affiliation(s) Wellspan York Hospital, Upmc Altoona
Coordinates Geocoding failed
Appointments Appointments

Biography - A Michael Samaha

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A Michael Samaha

  • Childhood
  • Early education
  • Medical education / fellowships
    With a total of 38 years of experience, A Michael Samaha is a male urologist at Wellspan Medical Group, York, PA.
    Urologists such as Dr. A Michael Samaha, specializes in the care and treatment of urinary bladder, urethra, prostate and kindeys from a surgical perspective. Urologists such as Dr. A Michael Samaha are surgeons that specialized in the field after completing their general degree in medicine and surgery. Subspecialties may include: urologic surgery, urologic oncology and urologic oncological surgery, endourology and endourologic surgery, urogynecology and urogynecologic surgery, reconstructive urologic surgery, minimally-invasive urologic surgery etc.


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PA Allentown Hospice/Palliative Care Family Practice
PA Allentown Neurosurgery MD
PA Allentown Obstetrics/Gynecology Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
PA Allentown Pediatric Medicine Neurology
PA Allentown Podiatry New York College of Podiatric Medicine DPM
PA Altoona Dermatology
PA Bensalem [[Emergency Medicine]]
PA Bethlehem Neurology Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University MD
PA Blakeslee Chiropractic Palmer College Chiropractic - Davenport
PA Bristol [[Family Practice]] MD


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