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Information about Triazolam

Triazolam is an orally available benzodiazepine used predominantly for therapy of insomnia

Liver safety of Triazolam

As with most benzodiazepines, triazolam therapy has not been associated with serum aminotransferase or alkaline phosphatase elevations, and clinically apparent liver injury from triazolam has been reported but is very rare.

Mechanism of action of Triazolam

Triazolam (trye az" oh lam) is a benzodiazepine that is widely used as a sleeping aid in the therapy of insomnia.  The soporific activity of the benzodiazepines is mediated by their ability to enhance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mediated inhibition of synaptic transmission through binding to the GABA A receptor.  Triazolam was approved in the United States in 1982 and was formerly the most common prescription sleeping pill used in the United States.  Concerns over its safety led to its withdrawal from use in the UK, and the availability of other potent, shorter acting sleeping pills has caused its decrease in general use in the United States. 

Clinical use of Triazolam

Current indications are for the short term management of insomnia

Dosage and administration for Triazolam

Triazolam is available in multiple generic forms and under the brand name Halcion in tablets of 0.125 and 0.25 mg.  The recommended initial dose for adults is 0.125 mg immediately before bedtime, increasing to 0.25 as needed; rarely, higher doses are used. 

Side effects of Triazolam

The most common side effects of triazolam are dose related and include daytime drowsiness, lethargy, ataxia, dysarthria and dizziness.  Tolerance develops to these side effects, but tolerance may also develop to the soporific effects.  Triazolam is classified as a schedule IV controlled substance, indicating that it has a potential for physical and psychological dependence and abuse.


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Drug class for Triazolam

Anticonvulsants, and Benzodiazepines]

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