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Toothpaste is a part liquid paste, applied to the bristles of a toothbrush in order to aid oneself with the act of toothbrushing.

This substance has several purposes, such as removing plaque from one's teeth, whitening one's teeth and freshening one's breath.

Several toothpaste brands specialize in caring for teeth sensitive to certain conditions (for example heat, cold) or flavours (such as sweetness). The majority of these products work by strengthening the tooth enamel, thus easing discomfort and providing the teeth with a protective outer layer.

Traditionally, toothpaste has a minty flavour, as this is said to allow a sense of freshness in the mouth. However, fruit and flavours have been popular in the past. Fruit toothpastes, however, are discouraged by dentists due to their acidic and tooth-eroding properties.

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