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What are sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders have to do not only with how you sleep but also how you behave during the day as a result of what is happening in your sleep. Since many of the sleep disorders have an effect the day time functioning, many of which cause excess daytime sleepiness, sleep disorders are often called sleep wake disorders.

Common sleep disorders

Although there are over 80 different sleep disorders, some are more common than others. The most common sleep disorders include the following:


Nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, sleep talking, head banging, REM behavior disorder, bed wetting, night eating, and bruxism or grinding your teeth are some of the other sleep disorders collectively grouped as parasomnias.

Sleep disorders and weight gain

Sleep disorders and metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome are bidirectionally related in such a way that one thing leads to the other and vice versa. Since weight gain and sleep disorders are bidirectional, it is important for sleep medicine physicians to not only address sleep problems, but also address the weight issues.

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Realizing the association of sleep disorders and weight gain, W8MD medical weight loss centers address both these related conditions so that you not only lose weight but also hope to reverse many of the reversible sleep problems such as sleep apnea with weight loss.

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