Red Bell Pepper

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Red bell pepper
Red bell pepper

Interesting facts about Red Bell Pepper

  • Are you aware that a red bell pepper tastes sweet?
  • Are you aware that a sweet red pepper is simply a mature green bell pepper?
  • Are you aware that red bell peppers have a bell shape?
  • Are you aware that New Jersey ranks 3rd in bell pepper production in the country?
  • Are you aware that sweet bell peppers come in a rainbow of colors? (They come in green, red, yellow, purple and even brown.)
  • Are you aware that in some countries they package red, yellow and green peppers in packs of three and call them “traffic light peppers”?
Stuffed Bell Pepper
Stuffed Bell Pepper
  • Did you know that red bell peppers are the sweetest of all the colors?
  • Are you aware that by weight, a sweet red bell pepper contains three times as much vitamin C as a citrus fruit such as an orange? (One serving or ½ cup, about 5 strips, provides 100 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C!
  • Vitamin C is needed by the body to form collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels, and aids in the absorption of iron.)
  • Are you aware that red bell peppers contain the antioxidant, lycopene? (Lycopene is an antioxidant that may help reduce the risks of cancer and other diseases.)
  • Are you aware that peppers can get a suntan? (A suntanned pepper is a green pepper with red spots.)

Nutritional information on Red Bell Pepper

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