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noun sharp end a wall socket the gun muzzle's direction an outstanding characteristic a distinguishing or individuating characteristic the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip a geometric element that has position but no extension the object of an activity a brief version of the essential meaning of something a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer the precise location of something; a spatially limited location a promontory extending out into a large body of water the unit of counting in scoring a game or contest a linear unit used to measure the size of type; approximately 1/72 inch a style in speech or writing that arrests attention and has a penetrating or convincing quality or effect a V shape a very small circular shape an instant of time a contact in the distributor; as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts them and current flows to the spark plugs an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process verb repair the joints of bricks be positionable in a specified manner mark (a psalm text) to indicate the points at which the music changes mark with diacritics mark (Hebrew words) with diacritics give a point to be a signal for or a symptom of indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively intend (something) to move towards a certain goal direct into a position for use sail close to the wind direct the course; determine the direction of travelling be oriented

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