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Information about Noni

Noni is a tropic fruit tree, the juice, roots, stems, bark, leaves and flowers of which have been used as medicinal remedies in Polynesia for centuries and recently in the Western world for a wide range of medical problems from cancer and diabetes to AIDs. 

Liver safety of Noni

A small number of isolated case reports of clinically apparent liver injury have been attributed to noni.

Mechanism of action of Noni

Morinda citrifolia is a small, tropic fruit tree commonly known as Indian Mulberry, Ba Ji Tian or Noni which has been used as a food and an herbal remedy for centuries in Polynesia and Southeast Asia.  Recently, noni has been introduced into Western herbal medicine as a “tropic fruit with 101 medical uses”, and widely advertised and sold on the internet for a wide range of disorders including cancer, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue, AIDS and senility.  Active components in noni are many and include flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, anthraquinones and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Studies in vitro and in animal models suggest that the active components are polysaccharide rich substances which have antitumor effects in vitro.  In clinical trials, however, noni has yet to be proven to have anticancer activity. 

FDA approval information for Noni

Noni juice has been marketed in the United States since 1996 and was approved as a “novel food” by the European Commission in 2003.  While considered safe, several case reports of adverse events attributed to use of noni have appeared, although often criticized because of lack of chemical analysis of the actual product to exclude misidentification and contamination.

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