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Margosa or neem oil is a yellow oil with a disagreeable smell and bitter taste that has been used as a medical remedy in India and Southeast Asia for several centuries. 

Liver safety of Margosa Oil

In recent years, there have been rare reports of acute onset of severe metabolic acidosis, hepatic and multiorgan failure and death following ingestion of margosa oil.  

Mechanism of action of Margosa Oil

Margosa oil is an extract of the seeds of Azadirachta indica, commonly known as the neem tree native to India and Sri Lanka.  In low doses, margosa oil has been a traditional remedy for centuries in India and Southeast Asia used in treating asthma, intestinal parasites, arthritis and leprosy.  It is also an insecticide.  The oil has a disagreeable smell and bitter taste attributable to volatile sulphur compounds and fatty acids.  Free fatty acids account for 20% of its weight and bitters (nimbin, nimbinin, nimbidin and nibidol) for about 2%.  The bitters are secondary products formed during storage of the oil or the seeds and concentrations can vary in different commercial samples.

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