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Jin Bu Huan is a Chinese herb used for centuries as a mild sedative and analgesic, recently marketed for insomnia, arthritic and orthopedic pain and gastrointestinal complaints. 

Liver safety of Jin Bu Huan

Jin Bu Huan products have been implicated in more than a dozen cases of idiosyncratic, clinically apparent, acute liver injury but the hepatotoxicity was likely due to a contaminant rather than Jin Bu Huan itself.

Mechanism of action of Jin Bu Huan

Jin Bu Huan is a popular and widely used Chinese herbal medication which can contain several unrelated herbal species including Lycopodium serratum, Panax, Pseudo ginseng, Polygala chinensis and two species of Stephania.  Jin Bu Huan has been used for centuries in China for multiple purposes including as a sedative, analgesic and decongestant for conditions ranging from asthma and bronchitis to night blindness, delirium, epilepsy, vertigo, fever and inflammation.  The bases for the sedative, analgesic and antiinflammatory effects of Jin Bu Huan are not clear.  Tetrahydropalmatine has been identified as a major constituent in some preparations of Jin Bu Huan.  This compound has sedating effects possibly due to dopamine receptor or calcium channel antagonism.

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