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Inflammation means fire' in greek. The term inflammation refers to the idea of increased chemicals in the body that are considered pro-inflammatory such as cytokines, interleukins and other inflammatory chemicals.

In nutrition, health and [[wellness], inflammation is considered to be a foremost risk component for long term health, wellbeing and longevity. The higher the inflammation in the body, the higher the risk of health problems related to inflammation.

Inflammation can be acute or chronic inflammation. The term acute refers to the sudden increase in inflammation that happens after an injury or infection. The term chronic inflammation refers to the inflammation that is a result of the excess belly fat, as can be measured by high waist circumference.

Condition related to chronic inflammation include atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.

Why inflammation is important?

As inflammation is important for human survival, not all inflammation is bad. Inflammation is the body's immediate answer to contamination or wound. Inflammation is what causes redness, enlarging, heat and pain or agony.

The acute inflammation after an injury occurs as a result of the increase flow of blood to that area that is inflamed. This in turn leads to the whit blood cells and large molecules to move from the blood stream into tissue that needs healing. These inflammatory cells and chemicals kill pathogens and remove impaired tissue through inducing the formation of a reactive pattern of oxygen. The cellular and molecular response furthermore signals for biochemical alterations that cause damaged tissue to be regenerated and dead tissue to be removed

However, the chronic inflammation that is a result of the excess belly fat can be harmful as there is no healing that happens with this type of inflammation but only oxidative stress and damage to tissues leading to increased risk of chronic inflammatory conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, atherosclerosis etc.

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Dangers of chronic inflammation

Inflammation and reactive oxygen are designed to work best under certain situation. These situation are a well-nourished individual with a gentle to moderate wound or contamination over a short time span of time.
The inflammatory response shows its awful side when it is roused in the body without the need to battle an acute injury or contamination. This outcomes in inflammation that generally is extended and does not develop typically, and thus is called low-grade or chronic inflammation.

Oxygen free radical injury and chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation can induce the excessive formation of reactive oxygen that attacks tissue, which is called oxidative tension. Chronic inflammation is mostly triggered by improper nutrition, especially deficient intakes of nutrients regulating the inflammatory answer and unwarranted calorie intake leading to fatness. Because unwarranted reactive oxygen damages tissue, chronic inflammation also can be triggered by dietary practices that origin oxidative stress. These practices encompass, for demonstration, high intakes of easy sugars such as fructose and sucrose and reduced intakes of anti-oxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc.

Both animal and human studies have shown that obesity is associated with chronic inflammation due to the inflammation produced by the unhealthy belly fat. The reason the body redistributes the weight to the visceral areas and upper part of the body is due to a process called insulin resistance.


The visceral fat that is considered sick fat is often termed adiposopathy, meaning pathological or unhealthy fat! This unhealthy visceral fat is know to produce many pro-inflammatory chemicals including cytokines. Since the unhealthy belly fat tissue behaves differently, it is called white adipose tissue as opposed to the healthy brown adipose tissue.

Contrasted to fat tissue from lean people, fat from obese persons comprises more cells that make activators of the inflammatory response. In addition, the body-fluid of obese persons usually contains more of the distinct substances engaged in the inflammatory answer than blood in thin persons. As a result, chronic inflammation is advised a cause that obesity, which sways over 35% of the community, is a foremost risk component for chronic inflammations such as heart disease and diabetes.

All chronic inflammations apparently have two constituents: chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. They occur simultaneously because one induces the other. although, taking a specific anti-inflammatory supplement may not prevent all the alterations induced by oxidative tension that lead to increased risk for chronic disease.

Losing weight helps reduce inflammation

The best way to avert chronic inflammation and oxidative tension that rises the risk for heart inflammation is to maintain a correct body weight and eat a diet that provides absolutely vital nutrients in ample allowances and wealthy in nourishment that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions. Losing weight, reducing risk of metabolic syndrome, reducing insulin resistance is key to reducing chronic inflammation and well being.

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