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Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities. This article lists major topics related to personal health.

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AbortionAccidentActivities of daily livingAcupunctureAdolescent medicineAdult daycare centerAdvance health care directiveAerobic exerciseAge-adjusted life expectancyAgelessAging and memoryAgingAlcoholismAllergyAlternative medicineAmputationAnaerobic exerciseAnaesthesiaAnatomical pathologyAnatomyAndrologyAnimal-assisted therapyAntibiotic resistanceAppetiteAssisted reproductive technologyAthletic trainingAudiologyAutoimmune diseaseAuxology


BacteriumBaldnessBasic life supportBinge eatingBiochemical pathologyBiological standard of livingBiomedical researchBiomedical technologyBipolar disorderBirth attendantBirth controlBlood diseasesBlood testBody compositionBody Mass Index (BMI)Body shapingBody treatmentBrain death


CancerCell replacement therapyChemotherapyChild birthChinese medicineChiropracticClinical deathCognitive enhancementCognitive therapyCollaborative therapyCommunity-based rehabilitationCommunity healthComplementary and alternative medicineComplementary medicineConvalescenceCryosurgery


DeathDeficiency diseaseDental hygieneDentistryDermatologyDeterminants of healthDetoxificationDevelopmental disabilityDiabetesDiagnosisDiet (nutrition)Diet and obesityDietary fiberDietary mineralDietary supplementDieteticsDietingDigestionDigestive systemDigestive tractDisabilityDisease registryDiseaseDoctor-patient relationshipDysarthriaDyslexia


Ecological healthEnergy medicineEnvironmental healthEnzymeEpidemicEthnicity and healthEvidence-based medicineEvidence-based practiceEvolutionary medicineEugenicsExercise equipmentExercise physiologyExercise


Fad dietFaith healingFamily centered careFamily planningFamineFast foodFemale infertilityFertilityFetal alcohol syndromeFolk medicineFood additiveFood allergyFood and cooking hygieneFood groupsFood pyramid (nutrition)Food qualityFood scienceFood supplementsFood technologyFoodForensic pathologyFree clinicFunctional diversity (disability)


Gene therapyGeneral fitness trainingGeneral surgeryGenetic counselingGenetic engineeringGenetically modified organismGeneticsGenital integrityGenitourinary medicineGenome projectGenomeGenomicsGeriatric sexologyGeriatricsGerontologyGynaecology


HaematologyHand surgeryHealer (alternative medicine)HealingHealth applications and clinical studies of meditationHealth care deliveryHealth care industryHealth care systemHealth careHealth claims on food labelsHealth disparitiesHealth economicsHealth educationHealth geographyHealth literacyHealth observatoryHealth professionHealth promotionHealth scienceHealthHealthcare inequalityHealthcareHealthy dietHealthy eatingHistory of medicineHolistic healthHome birthHome remedyHomeopathyHomeostasisHormoneHospiceHospital accreditationHospitalHuman anatomyHuman cloningHuman enhancementHygiene


IllnessIllnesses related to poor nutritionImmortalityImmunity (medical)ImmunologyInfectious diseasesInfertilityInflammationInjuryInternal medicine




LifeLife expectancyLife extensionLongevity


MacronutrientMale infertilityMalnutritionManipulative therapyManual therapyMaternal healthMaximum life spanMedical cannabisMedical case managementMedical devicesMedical herbalismMedical historyMedical imagingMedical modelMedical physicsMedical privacyMedical schoolMedical sociologyMedical technologyMedical tourismMedicationMedicineMegadoseMegavitamin therapyMen's healthMental disorderMental healthMental hygieneMental retardationMetabolismMeteoropathyMicrobiologyMicronutrientMidwiferyMind-body interventionMiscarriageMortality rateMultivitaminMutation


NanomedicineNanotechnologyNatalismNaturopathic medicineNeonatal infectionNeuroimmunologyNeurologyNeuroscienceNeurosurgeryNoise health effectsNon-infectious diseaseNuclear medicineNurseNursing schoolNursingNutrient densityNutrientNutrigenomicsNutrition and pregnancyNutritionNutritional supplementNutritionist


ObesityObstetrics and gynaecologyObstetricsOccupational hygieneOccupational medicineOccupational safety and healthOccupational therapyOld ageOncologyOnline pharmacyOphthalmologyOptometryOral hygieneOrgan transplantOrganic foodOrganismOrthopaedicsOsteopathyOver-the-counter drugOverweight


Palliative careParamedicPathogenPathologyPediatricsPerioperative medicinePharmaceutical carePharmaceutical policyPharmaceutical sciencesPharmacologyPharmacyPhysical educationPhysical examinationPhysical exercisePhysical fitnessPhysical therapyPhysicianPlastic surgeryPopulation healthPositive mental attitudePosture and occupational healthPre-conception counselingPregnancyPregnant patients' rightsPrenatal carePrescription drugsPreventive medicinePrimary carePrimary health carePsychiatryPsychoanalysisPsychoeducationPsychoneuroimmunologyPsychotherapyPublic health


Quality of Life (Healthcare)


RadiologyRare diseaseRejuvenation (aging)Reproductive endocrinology and infertilityReproductive healthReproductive medicineRheumatologyRural healthRural health clinic


STD testingSafe sexSanitationSaturated fatSelf careSelf-healingSelf-medicationSenilitySex and illnessSex educationSexual dysfunctionSexual health clinicSexual healthSexuality and disabilitySexuality educationSleep deprivationSleep hygieneSleepSmoking cessationSocial determinants of healthSocial medicineSpecial needsSports medicineSports nutritionStem cell treatmentsStress (medicine)Stress managementSupported livingSurgerySurvivabilitySymptom


Therapy dogToxicityToxicologyToxinTraditional Chinese medicineTraditional Korean medicineTraditional medicineTrans fatTrauma surgery


Universal design


VaccineVegetarianismVirusVitaminVulvovaginal health


Weight lossWellness (alternative medicine)WellnessWitch-doctorWomen's healthWorkplace health surveillanceWorkplace wellnessWorld Health Organization





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