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Iceberg lettuce
Iceberg lettuce

Interesting facts on iceberg lettuce

  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce was originally called “Crisphead Lettuce”?
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce received its name in the 1920’s when a shipment of crisphead lettuce was packed in “ice” and shipped by train from the Midwest to the East Coast?
  • Are you aware that lettuce originated in the Mediterranean?
  • Are you aware that Christopher Columbus brought lettuce to the new world?
Iceberg lettuce salad
Iceberg lettuce salad
  • Are you aware that there are many varieties of lettuce? (Romaine, Boston, Bibb, Red and Green Leaf…)
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce is crispy and has a very mild flavor?
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce has a large round head formed by large tightly packed leaves?
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce is the most popular lettuce variety?
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce is primarily eaten raw in salads?
  • Did you know that iceberg lettuce is primarily made up of water?
Iceberg lettuce in a vinaigrette with blue cheese
Iceberg lettuce in a vinaigrette with blue cheese
  • Did you know that iceberg lettuce is the least nutritious of all salad greens?
  • Are you aware that iceberg lettuce mixed with other darker green lettuces will make a healthier salad than plain iceberg? (The rule of thumb is the darker the leaves the healthier the lettuce. Usually the greener leaves contain more nutrients.)
  • Are you aware that California is the major producer in the U.S. of iceberg lettuce?
  • Are you aware that the packaged lettuce you buy in supermarkets may be up to two weeks old? (The lettuce is vacuum packed which removes moisture and air that damage the lettuce.)
  • Are you aware that local farmers usually cut the lettuce in the morning then submerge it into ice cold water?
  • Are you aware that when the growing conditions are too wet, it will result in iceberg lettuce having rust marks on the leaves?

Nutritional information on Iceberg lettuce

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