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Information about Chi R Yun

Chi R Yun is the Chinese proprietary name for extracts of Breynia officinalis, which has been used as an herbal medication alone and in combination with other botanicals to treat a variety of conditions including heart failure, venereal disease, growth retardation, contusions and conjunctivitis

Liver safety of Chi R Yun

Taken in higher than recommended doses, breynia is considered a poison and can cause gastrointestinal, hepatic, urinary and respiratory injury.

Mechanism of action of Chi R Yun

Breynia officinalis is a species of Euphorbiaceae, which is known by the Chinese name of “Chi R Yun” which means “7 days of dizziness.”  It is used frequently in combination with other herbs in low doses to treat venereal disease, contusions, heart failure, growth retardation and conjunctivitis.  In higher doses, it is considered a poison and results in neurological, gastrointestinal, urinary and respiratory toxicity.

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