Arteriovenous malformation

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Arteriovenous malformation
Other namesAVM
Arteriovenous malformation - brain - low mag.jpg
Micrograph of an arteriovenous malformation in the brain. HPS stain.
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Arteriovenous malformation is a rare disorder. It affects the areas between arteries and veins, and bypasses the capillary system.

This happens in the central nervous system (usually cerebral AVM), but may appear in any location. The disease can cause intense pain or bleeding or lead to other serious medical problems such as cerebral hemorrhages or strokes.

AVMs are usually congenital. The genetic patterns of AVMs are incomplete, but there are known genetic mutations.[1]

The general symptoms of a cerebral AVM include headaches and epileptic seizures. More specific symptoms occurring that normally depend on the place of the malformation.


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